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Enjoy the cruise on the wonderful coast of La Spezia ( Lerici, Portovenere, Palmaria and Tino Islands ) in the most beautiful and romantic hour of the day.

We will begin the cruise by reaching the first interesting destination Torre Scola (it is a fortified building built on an islet just beyond the north-eastern tip of the Palmaria island); then you will admire the ancient and suggestive Portovenere and the small and suggestive Palmaria Island and its two tiny islands Tino and Tinetto, where at the “Seca del Tinetto” the statue of a White Madonna is located to the south, its color reflects a few centimeters below the surface), the Byron Cave (famous for diving and for having inspired many poets and writers), and the Mater Naturae bronze statue, made by the sculptor Scorzelli in 1989, is located above the rocks overlooking the “Bay of Lord Byron“. Impossible to explain is the beauty that will fill your eyes: the plays of light of the sunset set the scene for the incredible view of Portovenere and its small islands.

During the navigation we will serve you an aperitif based on local cuisine and wine.

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Time: 3/4 hours

Price: price on request

Departure: from La Spezia (Porto Mirabello / Cadimare)

Time: evening, night or on request notturno o su richiesta

Max person: 12

Boat details: Nord Est Vernazza
Length 9.9 MT
Width 3.20 MT
Number pax 12
On board services: fresh water shower, toilet, ice cooler, towels, snorkeling equipment, cushions.
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